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Web sites for business or personal use.

Want a distinctive, sophisticated, vibrant web site but don't want to pay thousands?

Don't want one of those "cookie-cutter", choose A or B, freebie web sites that won't fit your needs? Want a web site that stands out from all the rest?

Rook Enterprizes Web Design was created to serve the needs of the business owner or individual that wants a simple, inexpensive, yet professional style web site and does not have the time or the desire to learn how to build a site.

I strive to give you the best, most cost effective individualized service possible. My pricing and package deals on web design reflect my commitment to excellence and personalized service at a reasonable cost here at Rook Enterprizes Web Design.

Please send me an email or call 410-426-9788 and we can discuss your needs.

I will personally work with you to help guide you through all stages of your site development, from help setting up your hosting service to designing and building a site that fits your needs and your budget.
James Rook

Can I Afford a Website?

The business owner might better ask "Can I afford NOT to have a website? In today's marketplace if you want to increase your sales and establish a larger retail presence you must have a website. People looking to purchase goods and services are more and more using the internet as a first choice. Don't be left out. I can help your small business with a shopping cart that you can manage, with no monthly or third party charges. It will accept various payment options and it is adaptable to your needs.

For the individual, wouldn't it be great to have a website to show off the latest pictures of the kids or maybe the grandkids? The latest vacation shots? Maybe you'd like to reach the world with your message or talk about your hobbies. And wouldn't it be nice if that site was all your own, not like a thousand others. I can help you out and it won't cost you a fortune.

By using free templates and photo galleries I can combine your ideas into an exclusive site that is all yours. Give me a call.