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To keep your costs down I sometimes use a great deal of "off the shelf" design elements, including public domain or licensed templates and pre-built applications such as photo galleries and forms, although we can build your site from scratch if you so desire. I build attractive, usable sites that are easy to navigate for your visitors and easy for you to maintain.

These templates are FREE and are available under what is called the Creative Commons License. That means they may be used for any purpose, commercial or private, as long as a small link giving credit to the template designer is included.

Using a pre-made template can save you hundreds, perhaps thousands of dollars since a lot of the basic design layout "heavy lifting" is already done. You can, of course, purchase a custom template from a graphics design house but these are normally very costly. And you still need to add your content.

For a sample of the templates I have available at this time, please go to the Portfolio page.

I can set up shopping carts for your business and photo albums to show off those vacation shots or the latest pictures of the kids. Please note that these are optional services and fall under the Custom Designs option.

CUSTOM DESIGN PLAN - $45 hourly rate

What does Custom Design mean?

     This means we discuss your needs, that perhaps go beyond the scope of the standard packages outlined below, and I will strive to custom fit your requirements and price accordingly. There is no standing charge for a Custom Design Plan, the pricing will reflect your requirements only and adjustments can be made to fit your budget. To this end it helps if you have an idea of what you want me to achieve for your site. Look at other sites to get ideas you want to incorporate and we will discuss it to see if this is possible or cost effective for your site. The nature of a Custom Design plan is such that until I know exactly what you require I cannot quote you a price. Please contact me for discussion. Note however, the hourly price is $45.


     Up to 5 pages based on your choice of a standard Web Template. All standard templates are either created by me, used by express permissions, creative commons licenses, or in the public domain. I have a large variety to choose from or you can provide your own, provided it meets W3cstandards. The templates may include an external CSS style sheet or be HTML based. The fee includes the scanning, preparation and inclusion of up to four photos or graphics per page. 


     A 10 page site based on your choice of standard Web Template. All standard templates are either created by me, used by express permissions, creative commons licenses, or in the public domain. I have a large variety to choose from or you can provide your own provided it meets W3c standards. Includes scanning, preparation, and inclusion of up to five photos or graphics per page. Design time includes the basic home page and your choice of 7 others.

GOLD DESIGN PLAN - from $600

     A 20 page site based on your choice of a standard Web Template. All the features of the Bronze and Silver Plans with enough pages to display your products or other items. Includes the scanning, preparation, and inclusion of up to ten photos or graphics per page. Items for sale may be linked to your PayPal account for easy credit card processing.


    For the small business owner that wants to begin to sell on the web, I will create a site with up to 10 normal pages with an integrated shopping cart and up to 50 items listed, or a complete, stand-alone shopping site with up to 100 of your items included. If you wish me to manage your shopping cart I will do that at the normal $45 per hour rate or you can purchase your own copy of the software for a minimal cost and learn to update your products yourself.

What you need to provide

  • Content - you need to provide me with the text you want to use on your site. I can help you with some ideas and editing, but I cannot write the content for you. Please don't worry about any formatting or use fancy fonts - in fact plain text files are the best. I can also work with written hard copy if necessary. Please be sure your text is all yours or give credit when needed.
  • Logos - if you have a logo you wish to use I will need a web ready copy. If you do not have a logo I may be able to help you. Although I am not a graphic artist I can most times develop something pleasing. Additional charges apply.
  • Images - any photos or images you wish to use. Please be sure you own, have the rights or license for any images. I can scan your photos if they are not in digital form for an additional charge. They will be edited for inclusion in your site. Please give descriptions and/or name the images.
  • For shopping carts - images, descriptions, prices, shipping information and payment details.
  • Hosting information - if you wish me to upload your website and/or set up your hosting account, I will need access privileges to your hosting account, normally the logon ID and password. Please be aware that you may change this information after the website is working if you wish to be more secure. If you are using PayPal for your shopping cart or product payments, I will need your payment details (NOT access to your account).
  • Payments - your payment may be by cash, check or via my PayPal account. Although I require a $125 deposit to begin the actual work on your site, there is no charge for an initial consultation. Final payment is due within one week of the final approval of your site. Please call or email me and we can discuss your needs.

My Commitment to you:

  • You can request all or just a part of the above packages but the price remains the same. You may extend any package. If you wish to extend your package, call or email me to discuss your needs.
  • All written content, photos, graphics and custom logos are to be supplied by the client, except for any photos or graphics which comprise an actual part of the web layout. If the material is not in digital form, I will convert it if possible. I can also edit, crop, and enhance your photos.
  • I can produce animated GIFs or small 3D Flash logos or headers at an extra cost.
  • The client is responsible for the purchasing of Domain Names, the contracting of a hosting ISP, etc. I can upload your site to your host if you wish, but I will need access to your hosting site and your login information.
  • I attempt to fully validate all code with latest W3c standards. However, if certain client requested applications that require the old FrontPage extensions (photo albums, forms, etc.), the code may not fully validate.
  • I will install basic ISP host provided applications such as photo albums and shopping carts to your site, but configuration and provisioning are at the hourly rate.
  • I observe Ethical Search Engine Optimization methods at all times.
  • I will provide you with a CD of your site at no charge as a backup or if you wish to upload the site yourself.
  • After the site has been brought online, I provide 1 week of fine tuning and tweaking. After that time period, updates, changes, etc. are at the hourly rate.
  • If you wish to set up a site maintenance agreement, please contact me.
  • I offer a 10% discount to US military veterans.
  • All requests are considered. Please email to discuss your needs.

    We Do Not Do the Following:

  • There will be NO Web bots used on your site with the exception of FrontPage “includes”, IF your hosting provider supports FrontPage Extensions. Many no longer do and you will need to ask them. Most times an alternative such as using CSS or PHP may be found.
  •  I DO NOT include web bots even upon request.
  •  I DO NOT use scripts such as No right click.
  •  I DO NOT use hit counters on sites.
  •  I DO NOT make full splash or flash pages.
  • I NEVER give out any client information, period.