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InnerBridge Wellness Center -Acupuncture, Shamanism, Travel

Illustrated Soul - SoulCollage©, Art Therapy, Spiritual Growth

Dr. Donna Parker - Therapy, Counseling

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I have a large number of gallery styles to choose from.

Free Templates

Below are some of the templates I currently have available with more being added constantly. I have many more to choose from and you can always search the web for more. These templates are offered at no cost - that is free, under the Creative Commons License. If you choose one for your website, the content will be customized as much as possible to fit your needs. Please use your browser's "Back" button to return here.

1. Burned burned 2. Cityscape Cityscape
3. Compromise Compromise 4. Convergence Convergence
5. Coverage Coverage 6. Customary Customary
7. Deserted Deserted 8. Description
9. Dimension Dimension 10. Dirtylicious
11.Eclipse Eclipse 12.Embouteillage Embouteillage
13. Emporium Emporium 14. Endless Endless
15. Everydayseries  Everydayseries 16. Familiar Familiar
17. Foundation Foundation 18. Gestured Gestured
19. Grayscale Grayscale 20. Implied Implied
21. Imprimis Imprimis 22. Indicator Indicator
23. Keleidos Keleidos 24. Maxodarker Maxodarker
25. Advertising Advertising 26. Below the Horizon below the horizon
27. Beyond  beyond 28. Black and White black and white
29. Metamorph Nightsky Metamorph Nightsky 30.  Metamorph Spaceglowing  Metamorph Spaceglowing
31. Ordinaire Ordinaire  32. Photo Art 3 Photo Art 3 
33. Presented Presented 34. Printing Printing 
35. Reckoning Reckoning  36. Refresh Refresh
37. Regeneracy Regeneracy  38. Ricky Blue Ricky Blue
38. Ricky Green Ricky Green  39. Shadowed Shadowed 
40. Shallowgrunge  Shallowgrunge  41. Simplecurve Simplecurve 
42. Simpletext  Simpletext  43. Solar Solar 
44. Spaced Spaced 45. Standardissue  Standardissue 
46. Stargazer Stargazer 47. Stonewalled Stonewalled 
48. Substantial Substantial  49. Subwoofer Subwoofer
50. Systematized Systematized 51. Template 105 Template 105 
52.  Template 106 Template 106 53. The Island The Island 
54. Unembellished Unembellished  55. Unqualified Unqualified