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How To Plan Your Website ~

With the information overflow on Internet, it is rather confusing for many entrepreneurs and small business owners to obtain a clear understanding on how to build a successful business web site.

A successful web site should present a professional image of your business. Ideally it should also include some backend solutions that will allow you to update and maintain your site painlessly. The balance of these two elements will definitely put your web site in a top tier category. In e-business, small is beautiful, but your web site must project a professional and sophisticated business image that many large corporations have. This is one of proven strategies to win credit and trust from the visitors to your site.

To design and develop a successful web site you should consider the following six steps so that your site will be on the right track: 

Step 1 - Plan Your Website.

To plan your Website you must define its purpose; your intended audience - and their background, skills, interest, values and knowledge; your available resources; start date; update frequency; select your hosting service and state why you are developing a Website.

Outputs from this step will be your Website Plan indicating:

1) why you are developing your site;
2) the purpose of your site;
3) your intended audience (their background, interests, skills, values and knowledge);
4) the resources you will use to create your Website;
5) your desired start date and update frequency; and
6) name and URL (Web address) of your hosting service.
Let's develop a plan for your Website and prepare for answer the following questions


 Who is your target audience? Study your target audience. What would they like? Now, write down your intended audience. List your audience background, their interests, skills, values and knowledge.


 What's the purpose of your site? To educate, entertain, provide product/service informations to others, or a combination of these. As you plan your web site remember each web page should have an objective, but within the constraints of the Website's purpose. If you aren't sure how to proceed look at other Websites on the Internet for ideas.


 When do you want to start your site? How often do you plan on updating your site - daily, weekly, twice a month, or monthly?


 Where are your site going to put your site (host it)? Choosing the right hosting service depends on your individual requirements.


 Why are you developing a Website? Keep your friends and family informed, seek interaction with other people with your interests or a Web presence for your business?


 How will you create your Website? How do you plan on researching material for your Website? How will you create your Website? Do your research first. Remember content will make or break your Website.
Now Develop your Website Plan by using the above guidance. Print your Website Plan to guide you through the development process. Your Website Plan is dynamic in nature and should be updated as you learn more information about the above six questions.

Now on to Step 2, Designing Your Site logo